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Cheap French Property

Cheap French Property

listing dated 16th April 2007 - this was our first list, back in 2007, when everything was going just fine. But look closely and you'll see that greedy peasants were trying to sell off any old ruin at ludicrous prices ... it just could not last!

Lavelanet,09 village house 90 m2 €55000
Vic Fezensac,32 village house, 3 storey,2 bed €50000
Vic-en-Bigorre,65 village house, renovated, 2 bedrooms €97000
Montréjeau,31 big village house, view, garden to renovate €100000
Laroque d'Olmes,09 village house,70m2 on 3 levels, 5 rooms with barn  €63000
 Lisle-s-Tarn,81  village house with 2bedrooms +2  €100000
 Verdun-s-Garonne,31  small refurbished village house  €94000
 Castillon,09  big village house to renovate  €40000
Ambialet,81 large village house to renovate, with land €58000
Mas Cabardes, 11 large village house (144m2), needs work €27000
Pomas, 11 2-bedroomed village house €28000
Vic Fezensac, 32 small chateau €295000
Caylus, 82 farm €300000

phone numbers: if ringing from outside France precede with +33 and leave off the first '0'

The list of properties dated April 2012